I love receiving feedback from my courses, furniture and gun box commissions – so here’s a small selection of some of the great comments I’ve had – which really makes it all worthwhile!

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“I've just completed the 10 week beginner course and from the first lesson I was hooked and looked forward to it every week. From preparing and sharpening tools through to creating your own piece of furniture, the course is invaluable for learning the fundamentals of woodworking. By the halfway point I had already been inspired to collect and prepare a full set of vintage and new tools which I used on the course (although a fine set of tools is provided) and I have already started my first piece of furniture at home.

Ciarán is a great fella and teacher creating a really laid back atmosphere with no pressure and with the small class size it's like having one to one tuition. If you are interested in learning woodwork, Get it booked!”

Darren Graham

“I've just completed the 10 week beginners course and thoroughly enjoyed it! Ciarán is extremely passionate about his craft and this is passed down through his teaching. All aspects of the project are explained clearly and in depth so you gain a wealth of knowledge. The workshop has a relaxed and fun atmosphere and it is a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I was a complete beginner before hand but now feel confident to take on projects at home. Ciarán was great at recommending tools and is very realistic about what you need if you just wanted to enjoy woodwork as a hobby – no need for countless expensive tools, I was pleasantly surprised about how little you need! I've definitely caught the bug and can't wait to attend the Intermediate course! Thanks Ciarán! (PS. Ciarán's choice of biscuits is sometimes a little sketchy.)”

Beth Maskell

“I have just finished the 10 week beginners course and learned a lot not only about sawing, planing and chiselling safely but completed a hand made display stand. Perhaps as importantly I also now know how to maintain and restore some of my old woodworking tools. Ciarán is an excellent teacher and an easy going instructor. I enjoyed the course so much i am now enrolling on two more!”

Paul Edwards

“I've just finished the intensive four day beginners course with Ciarán and I have to say, it's the best course I've ever been on. I had very little woodwork experience before I started but now have the confidence to make my own piece of furniture using mortise and tenon joints. Ciarán is an excellent tutor, very patient and a fantastic host. He has an impressive range of teas and caters well for food allergies too. With just 5 people on the course, Ciarán was able to spend time with each of us individually to ensure we understood each task. I can't wait to get started on my own project now, as soon as I stock up on plasters. Then will hopefully be back soon to do the intermediate course.”

Katherine Culshaw

“I have just completed the four day intensive beginners course with Ciarán and I could not recommend it enough. The understanding that Ciarán has for the materials and the passion he shows for his craft is both infectious and an absolute joy to be part of. If you're a complete beginner or have done some woodwork previously Ciarán's relaxed approach to the group ensures his time is given to everybody and you will come away with something to be really proud of. The intensive course is exactly what it says on the tin but you will have some great laughs and meet some really great like minded people.

A big thumbs up and a thank you to Ciarán for sharing his time and knowledge with our group and I have learned skills I will treasure. See you on the intermediate course.”

Mark Egerton

“An absolutely superb course!

Having just completed the four day intensive course I can highly recommend it. Ciarán is a great teacher and excellent craftsmen. His knowledge of woodwork is outstanding and he passes this on in a thoroughly enjoyable fashion. His patience, enthusiasm, great humour and plentiful supply or tea makes the days fly by (although his choice in music can sometimes leave a little to be desired). He encouraged us throughout the course, helped rectify any mistakes and was as proud of our work as we were. To top it all we not only came away with a beautiful piece of work but also the skills and knowledge to carry our own woodworking forward. Thank you Ciarán.”

Simon Wood

“First class project and an excellent teacher who dealt with everything his pupils threw at him in a relaxed and professional manner.

Well Recommended.”

David Cowan

“I have just completed the Intermediate Woodworking Course, which was really excellent. I already had some woodworking and DIY experience, but thanks to Ciarán's skilful teaching, patient guidance, and advice on related topics such as sharpening and tool selection, I feel I have made significant progress over the 10 weeks of the course.

The small class size, together with the convivial atmosphere and Ciarán's knowledge of, and passion for, all things involving wood made the sessions thoroughly enjoyable. It is a fast paced course but that's part of the fun - total immersion which means that you will learn lots.

I will watch out for more of Ciarán's courses and I have no hesitation recommending this one. A truly excellent course.”

Ian Walton