Furniture commissions

I began creating pieces of furniture 20 years ago. Since then, I have created a wide variety of pieces for clients as well as for my family home.

My furniture can be of a practical nature or a piece of art simply to enjoy. My creative ideas come from natural shapes and forms and I am inspired by the complexity of other designs from different materials which I can incorporate into my own pieces.

I enjoy the challenge of finding the right wood for the right piece and seeing my creations come to life. I like to source my timber from England and Ireland and craft the pieces at my own workshop.

Although wood has its own natural beauty and form, I also like to try to further enhance the beauty of wood by using different processes, especially laminating and steam bending.

I relish the challenge of a piece which has been commissioned by a client and I also enjoy creating furniture and pieces for my own home.

It simply is my passion.


Please contact me for a quote. We can discuss all your needs and extras and come up with a final cost.