Gun Boxes

Custom made gun boxes and hospitality chests

Designed for both practicality and luxury, my bespoke gun boxes and hospitality boot chests are handmade to the highest quality and will meet all your hospitality and sporting needs.

Hand-crafted to an immaculate finish, they can be designed to perfectly fit the dimensions of the boot of any vehicle.

Created from the finest solid wood, including American black walnut, English oak, ash and many more, the boxes are built with smooth drawer runners and can be fitted with a five pin cylinder double keyed dead bolt lock, keeping your valuable sporting equipment well protected. They are commonly made to fit Land Rover and Range Rover 4x4s, but can be customised to fit any car boot size. Previously, I have made bespoke boxes for Mercedes-Benz SUVs, the Bentley Bentayga, Volvo XC90, Audi Q7, Jaguar F-Pace, Porsche Cayenne and many more.


With a background in furniture design and manufacture, I enjoy working with each customer to create a personalised gun box or boot chest according to individual need and specification.

As well as carrying the gun, cartridges and other shooting accessories, many customers opt for a luxury hospitality unit in the box to house drinks, glasses, cigars etc. These can also be fitted with a bespoke mini-fridge to keep drinks cool.

The boxes can be built with as many drawers as your boot space allows. These can be placed top to bottom or side by side and the choice of wood also matched to the interior finish of your vehicle, should you desire. 


All the mortise and tenon joints and dovetails are crafted by hand.

Solid timber is used where the design allows, meaning the boxes are tough and durable. Any accidental scratches or marks can also be easily sanded out. The construction phase generally takes 6 to 8 weeks, depending on other orders in progress.


Several coats of oil are applied to the wood, including on the inside dividers, before being polished to bring out the natural knots and markings. Laquer can also be added for extra durability.

A number of different finishes are available to create a personalised gun box or boot chest unique for each customer.

We can line the drawer compartments with a choice of either leather, suede, or alcantara for an added luxury finish. Leather can be sourced to match your car interior.

For an extra special lining for the gun barrel section, we also offer a feather lining by Tracey at High Bird Shooting.

Each gunbox comes with a washable quilted cover to protect the top. This can be made in a fabric colour of your choice and embroidered with company logos or family crests etc. If a leather cover is required, this can be commissioned for you too.

Glasses or goblets can be also provided for the hospitality tray, or made to fit your own existing family glassware.


To place an order or make an enquiry please contact here for a quote. I am happy to discuss all your requirements and extras before agreeing a final cost, according to your budget. Orders take between 6 to 12 weeks to complete, depending on finish and lining.