Woodturning courses


Old Alvanley Garage
Commonside, Helsby
Cheshire WA6 9HB


2 days



Course dates

  • Thur 23rd & Fri 24th May 2019 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Fri 28th & Sat 29th June 2019 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thur 18th & Fri 19th July 2019 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Fri 18th & Sat 19th Oct 2019 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thur 21 & Fri 22nd November 2019 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thur 16th & Fri 17th Jan 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thur 12th & Fri 13th Mar 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thur 30th Apr & Fri 1st May 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thur 18th & Fri 19th Jun 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thur 23 & Fri 24th Jul 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thur 27 & Fri 28 Aug 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thurs 17th & Fri 18th September 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thur 1st & Fri 2nd Oct 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thurs 26th & Fri 27th November 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thurs 21st Jan & Fri 22nd Jan 2021 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thurs 25th & Fri 26th Feb 2021 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thurs 25th &Fri 26th March 21 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thurs 29th & Fri 30th April 2021 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thurs 24th & Fri 25th Jun 2021 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thurs 15th & Fri 16th July 2021 (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Thurs 7th & Fri 8th Oct 21


£260 (includes all materials, use of a tool kit, lunch and light refreshments). A £100 deposit is needed to secure your place.

This hands on course will be your first step into woodturning and will give you a firm foundation in all the basic skills of woodturning. The course is aimed at novices who wish to try out a new skill while allowing you create your own pieces on the lathe.

The first day focuses on understanding and using the lathe safely, tool sharpening and tool identification. Once these topics are covered we will then work on turning wood between centres, using the roughing gouge, spindle gouge, skew chisel and parting tool.

The second day will be focused on bowl turning and face plate turning, whilst you will still use some of the tools from the previous day the main focus will be on the use of the bowl gouge. Throughout both days emphasis is given to mastering new skills in such a way that when the student returns to their own workshop they can put into practice all they have learnt.

You will take home a number of pieces, from a honey dipper and a garden dibber to a bowl and a lamp which will incorporate spindle and bowl turning.

There is a maximum of 4 students per course. Price includes lunch and light refreshments throughout the day.

For more details or to register, please contact Ciarán.